Fair Maps Presentation Sept. 23

The ballot for the Nov. 3 election in Door County will include an  advisory referendum question: “Should the Wisconsin legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional district plans and maps?”

Door County Pulse Podcasts · Why the Way We Draw Legislative Maps is Hurting Wisconsin Politics

But what does the referendum mean? Why is it important, especially this year? What does it all have to do with the U.S. Census?  

A virtual presentation on Sept. 23, 10 am, will answer these questions and more. Mike Brodd of the Door County Fair Maps Task Force and Pat Scieszinski of the League of Women Voters will explain what’s behind the referendum and answer questions.The meeting will be live and open to the public via Zoom on the Sturgeon Bay Library’s website. Use the link It will also be recorded and available on the library’s website.

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