Fall Lighthouse Festival Tickets Available

Tickets are still available for the 4th Annual Door County Fall Lighthouse Festival. This annual festival takes place Oct. 6-7, and is comprised of land and boat tours featuring some of Door County’s most iconic lighthouses.

One land-based tour will be offered this year. This small group bus tour is about seven hours long and includes a guided tour of Cana Island Lighthouse, the Baileys Harbor Range Lights at the Ridges Sanctuary and a stop for lunch at Gordon Lodge.

The two-hour Lakeshore Lighthouse Cruise includes seeing Cana Island Lighthouse, the historic “Bird Cage” and the Baileys Harbor Range Lights. Departing from Fish Creek is the Chambers Island Tour. Guests will take a boat ride to Chambers Island before trekking the three-miles round-trip across the island to the 150-year-old historic lighthouse.

The Plum Island Tour is a rare offering, permitting visitors onto Plum Island and into the island buildings for a guided tour by members of the Friends of Plum & Pilot Islands. This five-hour tour requires two miles of walking and departs from Gills Rock.

The Sail Door County Schooner cruise departs from Sister Bay, and takes guests on a 19th-century tall ship to Peninsula State Park’s Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. Enjoy spectacular views and dessert on the Fred A. Busse during the Sturgeon Bay Fireboat Sunset Dessert Cruise. This tour includes a water view of Sherwood Point Lighthouse. This narrated 90-minute tour also includes a close-up view of Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding.

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