Family Crafts at Peninsula State Park

Mother Nature (a.k.a. the park naturalist) will be at Peninsula State Park’s nature center on November 29, hosting a holiday make-it, take-it workshop for families. Stop by anytime from 10 am to 2 pm to decorate a “red bird” for your tree (made from milkweed pods) and a three-inch wooden snowman. Candy-cane mice are also an option. Crafting glittery pinecones will be available too. All crafts are available to make free of charge while supplies last.

On November 28, nature center visitors can try an on-your-own I Spy scavenger hunt any time from noon to 2 pm. Participants will follow clues to find “treasures” at various places within sight of the nature center, then create an I-Spy Craft using a recycled bottle.

Ask for a “Chickadee Club Card” while at the nature center. Of course, you’ll need to try feeding the birds by hand first! The secret has been out for a few years about this delightful winter experience. Nature Center donations fund the purchase of seed. Donations of birdseed are appreciated as well.

These programs are free and open to the public, but a state park vehicle sticker is required. Donations are appreciated and can take the form of loose change, birdseed or even craft supplies leftover from your own holiday projects. For more information call Naturalist Kathleen Harris at 920.868.3258 or email [email protected].