Farmers’ Market at Sturgeon Bay’s Market Square Reopening

The farmers’ market at Market Square is slated to reopen to near-normal operations July 4. Two spaces will be provided between vendors to adhere to recommendations from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, which means that most vendors will not be in their usual spaces. There will also be more vendors on Nebraska Street, which will be closed. 

There will be no samples, self-help stations or opportunities to touch food items prior to sale. Two hand-wash stations will be provided to customers. Vendors are responsible for wearing single-use gloves when handling produce, having two or more people working so that someone who handles money does not handle food items, using single-use packages and bags, and disinfecting tables and tablecloths before the market and frequently during the market. 

“The safety of customers and vendors will always be our first priority, and patience during this time is key in order for us to return to our normal operations,” said Mike Barker, municipal services director for Sturgeon Bay. “These changes will be evaluated frequently and may be loosened as they are deemed appropriate throughout the season.”