Farmers’ Markets Reformatted

Door County is home to a variety of wonderful farmers’ markets, with one held somewhere nearly every day of the week. I’m happy to report that these markets will continue this season, albeit with new restrictions and regulations meant to help keep all participants safe and healthy. 

The primary change is that the markets will focus solely on providing fresh, local food, and social interaction and gathering will be discouraged. This means no picnic tables set out for visiting and no live music. Shoppers are encouraged to shop, then depart so there’s room for others who want to attend. 

Markets will also be open only to food vendors who provide uncooked produce, meats, cheeses, canned goods and vegetable and/or flower plants. No other items will be allowed, including (but not limited to) coffee, crafts, jewelry, furniture and lawn art. No on-site cooking will be allowed, and prepared foods must be prepackaged for off-site consumption.

Additionally, each market has taken the guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and adjusted them to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These changes will affect the market experience: shoppers will have new restrictions to follow, and vendors will have new practices to implement. 

Photo by Aleah Kidd.

New Farmers’ Market Rules for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

• If you’re sick or have any symptoms of illness, fever, cough, body aches or other coronavirus symptoms, or you have a family member with any illness symptoms, you are prohibited from attending. Please stay home.

• Wear a mask or cloth face covering during your entire visit. Vendors must wear a mask at all times.

• Avoid shopping in groups: Only one shopper per household is advised, and children are discouraged from attending.

• No pets are allowed.

• Use a paper shopping list for efficiency, and throw it away after use.

• Avoid using your phone during your visit.

• Maintain and encourage the recommended social distancing of six feet among shoppers.

• Follow any traffic flow that the markets set up.

• Customers may touch food only after they have paid for it. In most cases, the seller will fulfill your order for you.

• All tables and tablecloths must be disinfected immediately before the market and frequently throughout the market. Tables used as a counter must also be disinfected frequently.

• People handling produce or money must use single-use gloves or disinfect their hands before and after each transaction.

• New, single-use packages and bags are required. Shoppers and vendors may not use reusable fabric bags or reused plastic bags.

• Vendors may not offer samples.

• Vendors must provide hand sanitizer for themselves and their customers to use.

• Be patient and kind as everyone navigates the new procedures and safeguards.

2018 Jacksonport Farmers’ Market. Photo by Aleah Kidd.

Current Market Information


Baileys Harbor Farmers’ Market

Baileys Harbor Town Hall, 2392 Cty F 

9 am – 1 pm, beginning June 7


Jacksonport Farmers’ Market

Lakeside Park, Hwy 57 

9 am – 1 pm, beginning June 2


Fish Creek Farmers’ Market

Settlement Shops, 9106 Hwy 42 

9:30 am – 1:30 pm, beginning June 10


Egg Harbor Farmers’ Market

Harbor View Park, 7809 Hwy 42 

9 am – 1 pm, beginning June 12

Kewaunee Farmers’ Market

Corner of Milwaukee St. and Miller St. 

8 am – 12 pm, beginning in June


Sister Bay Farmers’ Market

Corner of the Past, Hwy 57 and Fieldcrest Road 

9 am – 1 pm, beginning June 27

Sturgeon Bay Farmers’ Market

Market Square, 421 Michigan St. 

8:30 am – 12 pm, beginning June 6

Maplewood Farmers’ Market

S1867 Hwy 42, Sturgeon Bay

2-6pm, beginning in June

Luxemburg Farmers’ Market

Stodola’s IGA, 602 Center Dr.

8 am – 12 pm, beginning in July