Farming History Revisited in Kewaunee

photos and article by Suzi Hass

On Sunday, Sept. 10, friends and family of the Lohreys near Rio Creek gathered to observe and assist in a way of life gone for many. Bob and his brother Dan enjoy bringing history to life on their farm. They haven’t gone completely into the past but whenever they can, they use their Belgian horses to till, plant and harvest crops. In late August, the barley and oat shocks were gathered and put on wagons to be stored out of harsh weather and then on a clear, blue sky day in September, folks pulled on their bib overalls and got out a pitchfork to lend a hand. Tractor power runs the belts needed to drive the threshing machinery. Shocks are put in and the machine separates the grain from the chaff and straw. Grain is then sold and the straw is stored for use as bedding in the stalls of the same horses that helped in the planting. This was the third year they have done this as a community event and as long as they are able, Bob said they will continue the tradition. May it be a long, long time…

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