Farming the Peninsula: Series Explores Challenges of Agriculture in Northeast Wisconsin

Kewaunee County farmer Lee Kinnard is one of the most dynamic personalities you are going to come across in any field. He jokingly refers to farming as “a disease passed on from generation to generation.”

But it doesn’t take long to learn this man loves his job and believes in his responsibility as a steward of the land for this and future generations.

In late January Pulse staff sat down with Kinnard and several other peninsula farmers to talk about farming and the many challenges they face. That meeting was our internal start to a multi-week series on farming the peninsula that will culminate with our annual Sustainability Issue on April 20, where we will look at the future of farming.

Leading up to that we will look at the economics of farming, the state of agricultural education, the regulations that led to how farming is conducted today and how technology has changed farming.

Check back here for a complete list of stories on farming the peninsula coming out every Friday through April 20.

Farming: The Historical Perspective, by Jim Lundstrom

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