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  • New State Runoff Risk Advisory Debuts

    A new version of Wisconsin’s Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast will debut Feb. 1, offering farmers a much more detailed and localized look at the threat of runoff before they spread manure. The runoff forecast, available at, provides maps showing the short-term runoff risk to aid in daily application planning, taking into account factors such […]

  • United Methodist Church Holds 40th Annual Apple Bazaar

    Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church is holding its 40th Annual Apple Bazaar on Oct. 20, 9 am – 2 pm. Coffee, cider and doughnuts are available until 11 am, with lunch from 11 am – 1:30 pm. Lunch items include soup, hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade apple pie. The afternoon features a number of other […]

  • Cold Climate Farms Pairs Produce with Brewery

    Every Thursday through the end of September you will find a bountiful display of fresh produce at the front steps of the Door County Brewing Co. Taproom and Music Hall. The farmers market is organized by local growers Ben Blohoweak and Sarah McCarty of Cold Climate Farms and was started after an invitation was extended […]

  • This Weekend in Door County: Pig Wrestling and Kite Festival

    The summer season is upon us and there are too many different activities to keep track of. Good thing The Peninsula Pulse is here to help. Check out all the fun happening in Door County this weekend.   On Friday, August 17th, lettuce celebrate the start of the weekend at the Egg Harbor Farmers Market. At Harbor View Park […]

  • Robbens Nest Farm: Growing Local Food, Flowers & Community

    When Josiah Robben and Joe Lopez decided they wanted to upgrade their growing operation two years ago, they went all in. Moving from 2 acres to 20 acres, suddenly they had more space, more farmable land and more opportunity to grow. But uprooting a farm is no simple task and the move came with its […]

  • Stories from the Door Podcast: 40 Thieves, The Nobel House, Stonehedge, Kitchen Nightmare

    This week we have something a little different for you. Stories from the Door is a monthly collection of articles read aloud from the Door County Living archives. Stories in this episode include: 40 Thieves, read by Jackson Parr The Nobel House, read by Andrew Kleidon Stonehedge, read by Matthew Marcon My Kitchen Nightmare, read […]

  • A Century of 4-H in Door County

    The first 4-H Club in the U.S. – there’s debate whether its name was the Tomato Club or the Corn-Growing Club – was established in Clark County, Ohio, in 1902. In Door County, 4-H celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Dawn VandeVoort, the 4-H Youth Development Educator with UW-Extension, told the crowd at a May […]

  • Sevastopol FFA Breakfast Draws Crowd

    Representative Joel Kitchens served ham and eggs to attendees at the 37th annual Sevastopol FFA Dairy Breakfast. Ed and Debbie Staats expected 4,000 people to come to Country View Farms the morning of July 1. Proceeds from the event support scholarships for FFA students. With thousands of likely 1st Senate District voters in attendance, it […]

  • Lautenbach Historical Program

    Join the Gibraltar Historical Association for their first 2018 Gibraltar Talks, all about Lautenbach’s Farm. Step back in time and hear about their journey from a simple farm stand to a wonderful place to taste and experience Door County’s harvest. The family works year round maintaining the property and business. Bob, Carrie and Erin will […]

  • Farmers Catching Up After Late Spring

    There were 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending May 27, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Farmers welcomed this week’s sunny skies and hot temperatures as they raced to catch up after a late spring. Waterlogged soils in the southern portions of the state dried out enough for round-the-clock planting […]

  • Video: Historic Door County – Cherry Camps

    In order to harvest the cherries and apples each year, young boys were brought to Door County for 2-3 weeks at a time to work at Cherry Camp. They picked pails of cherries every day in return for room and board.  

  • VIDEO: Door County’s Cherry Orchard History

    Joseph Zettel began planting cherry trees in Door County in 1896, and the bright fruit has been synonymous with Door County ever since. His trees thrived, and soon did thousands of acres of them up and down the peninsula, becoming as much a symbol of the region as lighthouses and shoreline. Learn why cherries thrive […]

  • 2018 Door County Farmers Markets

    Do you want more local flavor in your diet? Dozens of Door County producers and growers bring fresh food to markets around the peninsula several days a week. Find farm fresh eggs, flowers, produce, locally baked breads and much more as you learn to cook with the seasons. Meet your farmer, learn new recipes, and […]

  • Agriculture Tourism: A New Frontier

    Generations of visitors to Door County have spent a summer afternoon picking cherries or milking goats at The Farm near Sturgeon Bay, but few would think they are participating in agricultural tourism. That definition is becoming more popular as two of Door County’s biggest industries cozy up. “For the last two years we’ve really been […]

  • Farmland Preservation: The Future of Rural Landscapes

    Rolling bucolic farm fields dotted with big red barns and roaming cows are part of the fabric of Wisconsin’s landscape, but those idyllic scenes are vanishing. Thousands of acres of farmland are gobbled up by sprawling development and, particularly in Door County, skyrocketing land values. There are a few tools in the regulatory toolbox to […]

  • In Door County, Small Farms Thrive

    Before most people have had the chance to wipe sleep from their eyes on a Saturday morning in the summer, Char, Michael and Steve Sullivan are already several hours into their weekly Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market routine. By the time locals and tourists begin strolling the market at 8:30 am, the Sullivans have already packed […]

  • Farming Technology: Next Steps

    The days of the open-air tractor rolling slowly through the field have rapidly faded from farming iconography. Today’s farmers use a wide range of apps, software programs and automation to ease the physical burden of farm work, and make food production more efficient. Here are some of the technological advancements that are transforming agriculture on […]

  • Small Farm Succession: Two Locals Start Their Dream Farm

    For weeks on the commute into Sturgeon Bay along County S, Jake VandenPlas would see a “For Sale” sign at the corner of Vignes Road in front of two greenhouses. A hobbyist with a few small gardens to his name, VandenPlas wondered about the possibilities that would come with these two large greenhouses. “I wanted […]

  • Bryan Haberli: Farming is Sustainable with Smart Practices

    Last September when the county Land Conservation Committee met to discuss changes to NR 151, the state’s manure-handling rule, in northeastern Wisconsin’s karst region, Egg Harbor farmer Bryan Haberli was one of those to speak against the change that would prevent manure from being spread on soils of less than two feet. He agreed that […]

  • Commentary: Dairy Farms Rely on Immigrant Labor

    By Luca Fagundes The debate about immigration in America has been centered on a border wall ever since Donald Trump made it an issue in his presidential campaign. The reality is that the debate is about something far more important. In Wisconsin, it’s about food, and more specifically, dairy. The Wisconsin dairy industry relies heavily […]