Father’s Day Foodie Delight: Sake Mimosas and BLTs

Sake mimosa and a faux bacon, crunchy peanut butter and avocado sandwich on Tuscan bread.

Hey, kids, want to know what dad wants for Father’s Day? Speaking as a father, I can say that nothing would please me more than a nice brunch of a bacon sandwich and sake mimosas.

Here is how I like my bacon sandwich: hearty bread or bun, toasted; bacon; crunchy peanut butter; avocado.

Your dad might prefer a traditional BLT, or if he’s a vegetarian, there are some tasty bacon analogues out there (I like MorningStar Farm’s faux bacon). Make it the way he likes it.

I just happen to love my bacon sanny (as they are known in merry old England) with avo and peanut butter. I highly recommend the flavor combos.

The sake mimosa is something I came up with recently. I always have a bottle of sake around for cooking and sometimes drinking in the Japanese style, warm. But on a recent gloomy and cold Saturday, I felt like having a leisurely brunch, but wanted more than coffee and orange juice to wash it down. That’s when my eyes fell on the bottle of sake, and I thought, why not pour some orange juice on top of it for a sake mimosa?

It’s a delicious combination of flavors that will put a big smile on your dad’s face and a pleasant brunch buzz in his being.