Lessons From My Father

Lawrence Eliot and son David Eliot share a special moment, circa 1986.

My dad is a teacher. He always has been.

Be patient, be calm, be thoughtful and considerate, lead by example, treat everyone equally, do your best, and when you fail, get up and try again. And learn – always learn.

My dad taught me that what we do every day – our habits – are what define who we are and how we will be remembered.

I love my dad. He always searches for the fun in life and appreciates the things that bring smiles to people’s faces and those things that lead to new experiences and discoveries. He honors the past and tradition but appreciates when they are challenged.

My dad is a creature of habit. He is patient, he is kind, he is considerate, he treats everyone the same.

Thank you, Dad, for inspiring me, for your humor, for your faith and belief that we can all be better – if we just try – and, most of all, for your love.

Happy Father’s Day, Pop.

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