Featured Pet: Boogie BOY

This is Boogie BOY, a three-year-old feline at the Door County Humane Society (DCHS). His vibrant orange coat and white markings make him a true looker. He came to DCHS in May of this year and has been looking for a place to call his own ever since. Boogie BOY is in DCHS’s Outdoor Cat Program. This program is for cats that prefer not to be indoors and would much rather live in a barn, workshop or garage. He is not a big fan of humans and would much rather surround himself with a couple fellow felines for companionship. He and the rest of the outdoor cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and blood tested prior to being adopted. There is no adoption charge for outdoor cats but DCHS would like donations for the care the cats received. To learn more about the Outdoor Cat Program, contact DCHS Adoption Coordinator Jen Wotochek at 920.746.1111 ext. 3.

The Door County Humane Society, located at 3475 County PD in Sturgeon Bay, is open 12 – 6 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 12 – 4 pm Saturday. For more information call 920.746.1111 or visit

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