Featured Pet: Luther

This week the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus would like readers to meet Luther. He’s a four-year-old, domestic shorthair, white/orange cat. He’s been at the shelter since Jan. 22, 2018. Luther is very sweet and loves to hang out in his cubby. He will come out for attention and give you affection once he realizes you have good intentions. He’s very cuddly and will head-butt and rub his face on you for some love. Luther, while very affectionate with humans, does not particularly care for other cats; he is better suited to be the only animal in his home. Luther was recently adopted and then returned a couple weeks later, through no fault of his own. The Humane Society is very sad he’s only had a glimpse of home life. Can you rescue this sweet guy? Please stop in during normal open hours to visit Luther or fill out an application.

Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus, located at 3475 County PD (across from Cherryland Airport) in Sturgeon Bay, is open for adoptions 12-6 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 12-4 pm Saturday. For more information call 920.746.1111.


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