February Room Tax Down 2.9 Percent, But 36 Properties Late on Payment

Preliminary data for room tax collections in February show a decline by 2.9 percent from the same month last year, but 36 properties were late in filing their room tax. The Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) expects the decline will turn positive when all properties have reported.

DCTZC Administrator Kim Roberts said 36 properties had not filed by the February report deadline, including some large properties that are capable of influencing totals.

Room tax collections for the first two months of 2018 are up 1.9 percent from last year.

While room tax collections in the low-volume winter months is not always indicative of annual performance, Washington Island, Jacksonport and the Town of Egg Harbor had particularly strong months.

Washington Island’s February collections increased 45 percent, although that growth accounted for just $124 in additional room tax dollars, or $2,000 in additional revenue for lodging operators. Washington Island has enjoyed a relatively strong winter, up 73.61 percent for January and February.

Jacksonport’s collections increased 42.36 percent in February, accounting for an additional $269 in room tax dollars and nearly $5,000 in additional revenue for lodging operators.

The preliminary February report showed significant declines in the City of Sturgeon Bay and the Village of Ephraim, but those losses are expected to rebound once all properties have filed their room tax collections.

February room tax collections were 6.1 percent higher than January despite a lower average room rate. High occupancy rate and more rooms filled more than made up for the lower average room rate of $93 in February compared to $102 in January.

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