Federal Trails Experts Consulting with Egg Harbor

This spring, village president John Heller said he was glad to gain partners from the NPS’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program to help identify safe trails leading to other communities and safe routes from key locations in the village to areas such as Frank E. Murphy Park along Horseshoe Bay.

On Tuesday, two NPS Midwest District program employees – Patrick Lydon, an NPS landscape architect based in Lansing, Michigan; and Chris Morgan, a community planner for the NPS program based in Duluth, Minnesota – measured road width, right-of-way space and distances between roadways and the base of Niagara Escarpment cliffs.

Taking a break from measuring near the village beach and the intersection of Hillside Road and County G and H, Lydon said this was their first visit to help the village with some “visioning” for possible routes.

“Everything’s on the table,” according to Morgan, noting that they’re looking at various routes that would allow people to drive less. He said they’re in the beginning stages of determining safe routes with minimal impacts on natural areas and sensitive habitats such as those at the base of and within the escarpment’s bluffs.

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