Fiber Art is Focus of Artzy’s ‘Fall Fantasy’ Show

Artzy Studio’s new exhibit, Fall Fantasy, features fiber art by artists Bill and Linda Sumner of Bear Paw Paperworks. During their life and travels together, the Sumners’ fiber art has been a shared interest. 

They create their artwork from wool and felt – known as needle felting – and layer handmade paper to create three-dimensional art forms. Linda does most of the felting and sewing, and Bill prepares the canvas and copper sheeting for the background. They add embellishments such as waxed linen cord, beads, sticks, buttons, leaves and stones, and finish the pieces with acrylic painting and other decorative accessories on canvas or under glass within a homemade pine frame. 

Southwest Native American art and other spiritual and native symbols serve as inspirations. 

The exhibit at Artzy Studio, 10329 Hwy 42 in Ephraim, will continue through the end of October. Call 608.438.7633 to learn more.

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