Final Art Workshops Scheduled for Mosaic Project

From 1 – 4 pm on Wednesday, June 18, the Francis Hardy Center (FHCA) for the Arts in downtown Ephraim will host the third of four workshops scheduled in conjunction with its Community Mosaic Project. The purpose of the Mosaic Project is to encourage a community-wide united arts effort that will raise awareness of Door County arts.

The FHCA is providing individuals of all ages and abilities – children, adults, adolescents, seniors, artists, art-lovers or art-appreciators – with one six-inch by six-inch blank canvas to create a work of art. There are few restrictions regarding subject matter or the kinds of materials one can use to make the art, except that the artwork must be appropriate for display, created using the provided canvas, and must not exceed the dimensions of the canvas. In addition, participants will receive a note card to include information about their work.

The workshop will take place at the Miller Art Museum’s Annex Building in Sturgeon Bay. Professional artists will be on hand to assist artists and all necessary supplies will be provided. This is a free workshop open to the general public, but reservations are greatly appreciated. Please call 920.854.2210 to reserve your space.

The final workshop is scheduled for Thursday, June 26 from 1 – 4 pm at the Francis Hardy Gallery in Ephraim.

For individuals who do not wish to receive instruction but would like to participate, canvases are available through the FHCA. Completed artworks are due Monday, June 30. Email [email protected] for more information.