Final Season for Door County Scrimshanders

Door County Scrimshanders proprietors Dawn and Gary Kiracofe plan to retire after 40 years in business, so 2019 will be the store’s last season in north Ephraim. The Kiracofes opened their first scrimshaw shop on Mackinac Island in 1979. They moved here and opened Door County Scrimshanders at the Shops of Green Gables in 1993.

“But there comes a time,” they said, “and this is the time, for the scrimshanders to furl the sails, lower the masts and bring this vessel to homeport.”

A storewide sale will begin Sept. 1 and continue through October. Everything must go, including furniture, fixtures and display items.

The Kiracofes thank their loyal customers, the artisans they’ve represented and the many good people with whom they’ve worked.