Fincantieri and Sturgeon Bay Fire Department Fund Safety Equipment

Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding has teamed up with the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department to help fund two new sets of life-saving equipment: air bags and tanks that inflate to assist with emergency extrication or stabilization, such as when a person is pinned under heavy equipment. 

“We can put the equipment under a tire, prop it up and then use it for lifting if we need to stabilize or lift the vehicle up,” said Sturgeon Bay Assistant Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo. “These airbags are really versatile. There are so many instances where we can use them.” 

The small, portable kits – which include an air tank, a case containing hoses and hookups, and airbags in varying sizes – can be used anywhere. Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding donated a portion of the funds for the equipment, which had to be replaced after its 10-year safety lifespan. The equipment was put into use in September.

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