Fincantieri Offers Apprenticeship Program

Fincantieri Marine Group has begun accepting applications for a new, paid Industrial Shipbuilding Apprenticeship program, which is designed to increase the quality and quantity of skilled technicians who are trained and equipped to succeed in the maritime manufacturing sector.

Fincantieri will select its first group of apprentices in July, then open additional apprenticeship positions during the coming months.

“We provide paid training and education which leads to industry-recognized credentials and college-level credits,” said Peggy Boudreau, head of human relations at Fincantieri Marine Group. “The beauty of our paid apprenticeship program is that it encompasses nearly every facet of manufacturing, including safe operation of machinery, reading blueprints, understanding processes, conducting measurement and inspections, as well as a deeper understanding of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.”

The program is open to adult U.S. citizens regardless of manufacturing experience. Those who have already participated in other registered Wisconsin apprenticeships are not eligible for this program, but Fincantieri has hundreds of open jobs at its Wisconsin locations.

Learn more about the program and apply at

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