Fincantieri Street Closure in Effect Sept. 6

Sturgeon Bay officials announced that portions of 1st Avenue and Jefferson Street will be formally closed on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 7 am. First Avenue will be closed from just north of Kentucky Street to Iowa Street; 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street will be closed west of the alley that serves 3rd Avenue. The street closures were approved by the Sturgeon Bay Common Council last January as a means of assisting Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding Company’s expansion into the vacant former Palmer Johnson Yacht facilities. “We ask residents and visitors to please plan your routes accordingly with these street closures,” said Mayor Thad Birmingham. “The city is thrilled to see the former Palmer Johnson facilities put back to work and are excited about helping the area’s largest employer grow their business.” As part of the street closure agreement, Fincantieri is meeting the 11 conditions placed on them for the city to close those streets. Those conditions included paying for public street/traffic improvements and certain improvements to their existing shipyard.


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