Find Inner Harmony

The Spa at Sacred Grounds announces the addition of the Tree of Life Studio, opening June 1. The studio will be home to a variety of yoga classes, daily guided meditation and monthly workshops designed to enhance the spa’s focus on wellbeing.

Alissa Jacobsen, Jennefer Folsom and Beth Coleman will bring their own style and expertise to instruct yoga. Guided meditations will take place daily at 3 pm for those who wish to reduce stress and connect to their inner harmony. Meditation sessions are free and open to the public.

Our first in a series of monthly workshops will be held on June 28. Cindy Conlon, J.D., Ph.D., will be at the spa to lead a Chakra Balancing Workshop where participants will experience enhanced and balanced energy as they open each chakra by practicing gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation.

“I am so happy to now have the space and resources to provide our spa clients with a more complete and well-rounded experience. The yoga room was drawn up 11 years ago when we built our first addition. Our 15th anniversary is the perfect time to realize the dream of cultivating a place to more fully support the body, mind and spirit,” said Diane Ludwigsen, owner of the spa.

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