Fine Line Designs Gallery Announces Exhibit I

“Beyond the Fields” by Richard Patt

Exhibit I at Fine Line Designs Gallery is currently on display and features the work of oil painter Ken Bronikowski, acrylic painter Richard Patt, and work from mixed media artists, Ed Lazzeroni and Paul Klein. An artist reception will be held May 26 from 4 – 7 pm and an artist demonstration featuring Klein will take place May 27 from 11 am – 2 pm.

Bronikowski works with a limited palette of four to five colors. He says, “I try to concentrate on draftsmanship, values, edges, temperature, and color.”

Patt regards the Wisconsin landscape as one of the most “precious realities” in his life. He paints the landscape by spinning out graded shades of color in his detailed renderings.

Lazzeroni says he’s always been fascinated by the aesthetics of industrial components, especially the way a metal surface reflects light and the variety of effects that can be created through heat and etching.

Klein’s lamps feature locally gathered wood, stone, and copper from his Central Wisconsin home – along with handmade paper shades. Klein says, “I like to think of my designs as a ‘marriage of materials.’”

Fine Line’s Exhibit I will run through June 6, with the second exhibit beginning on June 8.

For more information visit or call 920.854.4343.