Fire & Ice Festival Carving-Competition Results

Volunteer ice carvers braved the chilly elements on Feb. 16 to participate in Sturgeon Bay’s Fire & Ice Festival ice-carving competition. Carvers began chipping, sawing and molding ice blocks throughout the city at 9 am. Unique and original sculptures were formed out of 300-pound ice blocks. The ice carvers competed for cash prizes and the coveted People’s Choice Award.  

Judges walked the streets of Sturgeon Bay to decide the winning sculptures in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. All carvers attended the awards ceremony at 3 pm at the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center. For the second year in a row, the People’s Choice Award went to Seth Wilson and John McCaulley for their unusual pig-on-a-spit ice sculpture. Each skill level was awarded as follows:

1. Kyle Luchsinger, wolf
2. Sarah Thies and Robyn Letizia, butterfly
3. Morgan VandenLangenberg and Reese Houston, bear

1. Elliot Vanness, Snoopy
2. Rebecca Struck, sailboat
3. Jesse Gohr, gauntlet

1. Seth Wilson and John McCaulley, pig on a spit
2. Dave Mailand, penguin
3. Dave Bartels, unicorn and Love Your Melon caps