First Door County Potters Guild Studio Tour

Over 50 years ago, Abe and Ginka Cohn of the The Potter’s Wheel, became the first pottery in Door County. Years later, Abe and Ginka and their former assistant, John Dietrich of Ellison Bay Pottery Studios, joined forces and founded the Door County Potters Guild. Jeanne and David Aurelius of Clay Bay Pottery and David Frykman, now a well-known wood carver, were the first members. Many potters joined over the years, and currently there are eight potteries in the guild.

These eight potteries will host the first Door County Potters Guild Studio Tour on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3. For the two days of the self-guided tour, the guild members will open their studios and galleries for demonstrations and a sneak peak at the newest pieces of pottery for 2009. Visitors will have a chance to see the inner workings of a potter’s studio and learn more about their individual style of creating. Each pottery has a brochure with a detailed map to help you find the members’ galleries and studios.

The potters in the guild cover the widest range of styles available, focusing on both functional and decorative pottery. They work in porcelain or stoneware clay, and they fire using electricity, gas or wood fire or specialize in Raku or pit firing. Not only do these potters work in their studios on site, but they also represent many other fine artists in their galleries.

Guild members welcoming everyone to their studios for the first annual Door County Potters’ Guild Studio Tour include: 

• Chad Luberger of Plum Bottom Pottery, 4999 Plum Bottom Rd., Egg Harbor. 920.743.2819

• Reneé Schwaller of Off the Wheel Pottery, 4234 County E., Egg Harbor, 920.868.9608

• Tony and Reneé Gebauer of TR Pottery, 4133 Main St., Fish Creek, 920.868.1024

• Abe and Ginka Cohn of The Potter’s Wheel, 3906 Gibraltar Rd., Fish Creek, 920.868.3371

• Brian and Tracey Fitzgerald of Ephraim Clayworks, 9922 Water St., 920.854.4410

• David and Jeanne Aurelius of Clay Bay Pottery, 11650 Hwy. 42, Ellison Bay, 920.854.5027

• Thor and Judy Thoreson of Gills Rock Stoneware, 12020 Lakeview Rd., Ellison Bay, 920.854.2774

• John Dietrich and Diane McNeil of Ellison Bay Pottery Studios, 12156 Garrett Bay Rd., Ellison Bay, 920.854.5049

Each pottery has brochures with a detailed map, which guests can save and have a self-guided tour of the potters in Door County who contribute to its reputation as an Arts Destination. For more information on the tour or the potteries call 920.854.5049 or email [email protected].