First-place Framer at Artists Guild

Janine Buechner was featured in the November issue of the international trade magazine Picture Framing Magazine (PFM) for her top-award-winning framing design. Buechner, custom picture framer at Artists Guild, earned first place in the Professional Picture Framers Association’s International OPEN Framing Competition for 2017-18 earlier this year.

The six-page interview in PFM showcases photos and the process of creating the frame: a uniquely whimsical, yet architecturally structured frame that Buechner made from LEGO blocks. She chose to replicate a 19th-century portrait frame complete with cutouts and palmette corner embellishments. The frame consists of 752 pieces.

“Regardless of that outcome, I had my fingers crossed that it just might inspire someone to think outside the ‘blocks,’ both in subject matter and materials,” said Buechner.

Buechner’s award-winning framing is on display at Artists Guild, where she is available to help customers with their framing needs.

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