Fish Creek Beach Work Behind Schedule

Last-minute changes slowed work on the Fish Creek Beach, which was originally planned for completion by Fourth of July weekend. 

Work on the Fish Creek beach and bathrooms will continue, with contractors expected to complete the new bathrooms and landscaping by July 19. Town of Gibraltar Chair Dick Skare said work was delayed when the Door County Planning Department asked the town to move the turnaround farther west just as work was set to begin.

“My reaction was, you have to be kidding me,” Skare said.

The project includes a storm-water filter, new bathrooms and a parking-lot redesign that expands green space and beach and creates a drop-off for the beach. 

Getting Used to New Power Poles

Visitors have also noticed new power poles through the center of the town. Skare said the town considered burying power lines, but the $3.5 million price tag was too steep. Instead, the town took a recommendation from Wisconsin Public Service to install new, taller fiberglass poles that can carry more weight. 

“The hope is that over time we can consolidate wires and eliminate a lot of the smaller wooden poles throughout town,” Skare said. 

Redmann Property Purchase

Planning continues on the town’s option to purchase 195 acres to expand the Fish Creek Park. The town has secured the services of Cedar Corporation to develop concept plans for the property and gather public input. 

The town secured a $2.1 million option to purchase the land that extends from Highway 42 south of the town core, below the bluff and over to the Fish Creek watershed. The board must get approval from town voters to execute the option, which expires in October. 

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