Fish Creek Boat Slips Open Up


Due to a confluence of events, an unheard of five permanent boat slips at Fish Creek harbor are available to a new group of boat owners.

“I’ve been on the Harbor Commission for 25 years maybe and we’ve never had more than one slip every four or five years,” said commission chair David Harris. “We’ve never had anything like this.”

Harris said the sudden turnover of boat slips is due to a combination of factors that include aging boaters getting out of the hobby.

“It’s nice to see some turnover,” he said.

Harris said he is looking forward to calling a boat owner on Chambers Island who has had his name in for a Fish Creek slip for 30 years.

“He’s 80 now. We’ll see if he still wants it,” Harris said.

The harbor has 31 boat slips, and 27 of those are permanent while the other four are transient. There are also 63 moorings.

“We are the only town I know of that doesn’t charge. We have complimentary two-hour docking,” Harris said. “We have a lot of boaters who love that. They can walk uptown and have lunch. I know a lot of merchants like that, too.”

Harris, a lifelong boater who kept his first boat as a teenager in the creek when it was still navigable, was confronted by a newcomer to the area about the slow turnover of slips and was asked if he had a slip in the harbor.

“Well,” Harris answered, “I have had a slip for 18 years, and just so you know, I was on the waiting list 18 years before I got my slip, so I was on the waiting list just like everybody else.”

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