Fish Creek Sketch Artist Selected in Canadian Exhibition

Sketch by Deborah Dendler

Deborah Dendler, local artist and resident of Fish Creek, is one of 10 international artists whose work was selected for the “Sketching the Line 2015″ exhibition in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, Canada. The exhibition features brief impressions of fellow commuters, documenting place, time and movement while simultaneously revealing a myriad of personal moments. “Exhibiting sketches of commuters, by commuters, in the environment where they were made reminds us that we are not anonymous or invisible when we move through public space, and that the constant sea of humanity around us is actually made up of individuals. ‘Sketching the Line’ also draws attention to the range of artistic practices that occur every day in well used public spaces,” said Sharon Switzer, National Arts Programmer and Curator. “This is the first exhibition of its kind on public screens, and I hope that commuters enjoy seeing themselves from the perspective of artists.” Dendler’s ink drawings of passengers on the Boston public transportation system, the “T”, and in international airports will be featured on Pattison Onestop screens on the Toronto Transit System, the Edmonton Transit System and the Calgary International Airport in 2015. The exhibition will be presented on hundreds of subway platform screens reaching more than 1.2 million daily commuters plus many more air travelers. Artwork from “Sketching the Line” will appear once every 5 minutes, all day long, for at least a month, and possibly up to two months, starting this March. For more information about Deborah Dendler and her work, please visit