Fishing Derby Winners

Jason Dubois weighs in Sarah Urderdahl’s 7.77 pound Northern Pike at the Dave Pagel Memorial Ice Fishing Derby at Wave Point Resort and Marina in Little Sturgeon. Photo by Len Villano.

Winners of the the Dave Pagels Memorial Ice Derby held Jan. 28 at Wave Point Resort and Marina in Little Sturgeon are:

Perch: Eric Heil, 1.92 lbs.; Joe Columb, 1.53 lbs.; Allan Schmidt, 1.48 lbs.

Walleye: Jason DuBois, 9.79 lbs.; Pete Stuth, 9.65 lbs.; Wayne Wilke, 9.39 lbs.

Whitefish: Jill Hendricks, 4.92 lbs.; Ryan Lauscher, 3.85 lbs.; Jesse Madoche, 3.80 lbs.

Northern Pike: Matt Miller, 15.55 lbs.; Bill Tenant, 15.14 lbs.; Brenda Domke, 12.39 lbs.

There were a total of 92 anglers taking part in this year’s event.

“A great success!” said Dan Farah, chairman, Door County Walleyes for Tomorrow.