Flannel John Cookbooks Relocates to Sturgeon Bay

Flannel John Cookbooks ( has moved its headquarters to Sturgeon Bay.

What started in 2012 as a collection of recipes for cooking-impaired friends at deer camp has now grown to 70 titles, with more on the way. The series covers topics for campers, RVers, college students, tailgaters, bacon lovers, burger fans, hot dog nuts, jerky makers, anglers, vegetarians, mountain men, foragers, lazy guys, soup slurpers and more. The newest edition is Flannel John’s Venison Cookbook: Recipes for the Deer Hunting Chef.

“My friends would show up at deer camp in Michigan with cheese, jerky and beer. By day three, those supplies were exhausted, so they would drive miles to a diner. What they needed to learn were the basics of cooking,” said author and Flannel John creator Tim Murphy. “The whole concept was ‘cookbooks for guys’: simple recipes guys can make fast because we’re lazy and we’re hungry.”

Murphy’s other career is radio. He’s spent more than 30 years as a broadcaster in numerous states and has now returned to Wisconsin as the operation manager and morning announcer for Rewind 97.7.

To discuss wholesale prices, call Murphy at 701.238.1775.