Flowers in the Field

Gibraltar Area Schools offers miniature classes twice a year to offer students a chance to expand their knowledge. One of the classes offered this year was painting. Nothing can compare to the distinct smell of paint and the quiet sounds of minds at work. As you walk around it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to let your creativity flow.

One student that seemed intently focused was sophomore Morgan Bogenschutz. As she gracefully moved her brush across the blank canvas she described her painting, “It’s of some flowers in a field.”

With the help from skilled teacher Bonnie Paruch and the inspiration from nothing but a photo, Morgan modestly replied, “I guess it’s going well, it’s a little messy.” She enjoys painting more than life and overall enjoyed the class saying, “I’ve learned a lot from my teacher. She has years of experience and more information on painting than I can fathom.” However when asked if she would take this class again Morgan explained, “I probably wouldn’t just because I’d like to expand my knowledge in other areas.”

Gray wrote the above piece during her own class, Photojournalism, led by Peninsula Pulse staffers Alissa Ehmke and Sally Slattery. A variety of classes were held on and off the Gibraltar School campus on Feb. 20 as a part of Exposure to Creativity including songwriting with Katie Dahl, sculpture with Angela Lensch, and photography with Suzanne Rose.

Organized by The Hardy Gallery and Friends of Gibraltar, Exposure to Creative aims to provide students with access to the creative resources and opportunities that flourish in Door County.

Pick up next week’s Pulse to read and see more from the students of Photojournalism.