Folk Alliance Hosts Cy Rosenthal Memorial Barn Dance

The late Cy Rosenthal was a member of the Door County Folk Alliance; they will host their first Cy Rosenthal Memorial Barn Dance on October 23.

On Saturday, October 23 from 7 – 9:30 pm, the Door County Folk Alliance will hold the first Cy Rosenthal Memorial Barn Dance fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Sturgeon Bay. The dance is open to the public. Live music will be provided by the Sugar on the Floor Barn Dance Orchestra, a group of local musicians who enjoy playing traditional folk dance tunes.

A caller will teach all the dances to attendees, who are not required to bring a partner. No previous dance experience is needed.

Cy Rosenthal, who passed away on July 12, was the visionary of the Door County Folk Alliance. His dream of bringing people together through live music and barn dances took root in 1995.

Fifteen years and 66 barn dances later, the community has been strengthened and nurtured through this lifelong multi-generational activity.

The dance forms include contra dances (long ways lines), circle dances, mixers, quadrilles (squares), and a few waltzes and polkas.

Dances are held approximately once a month at various locations throughout the county. The events are always alcohol-free. Donations at the door will support future barn dances.

Knights of Columbus Hall is located at 692 Tacoma Beach Road, Sturgeon Bay.