Follies of Current Administration Glossed Over

In a letter to the editor in the Oct. 15-22 Peninsula Pulse, Mike Brodd railed on the Republicans in a letter titled “Hypocritic Oath.” In doing so, he missed a golden opportunity to include some of the follies of the current administration.

Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline. Now he’s asked OPEC to boost production and released supply from the strategic reserve. We were energy independent previously. As a result, the price of gas at the pumps has risen.

Biden’s infrastructure package – marketed as a stimulus to the economy – includes an increase in the federal gas tax and funds to explore a per-mile tax. Biden’s infrastructure package will raise the country’s debt, and based on the challenges he faced in getting a resolution passed to raise the debt limit for continuing operations, many of the big projects hailed as a positive for the economy could go unfunded for an extended time and maybe permanently. Another case of smoke and mirrors.

Biden raised the tariffs on soft woods from Canada during the highest inflation period in lumber prices this past spring. 

Biden kept the southern border wide open while southern schools were closed and learning virtually due to COVID. At the same time, the northern border was closed to nonessential travel.

Biden stated that there was no COVID vaccine until he became president, except he received both doses before taking office.

Biden planned for “every eventuality” in Afghanistan, but apparently not for blocked roads, random terror attacks and an orderly evacuation.

The Biden administration has been diligent in tracking down the January 6 participants. Where is a similar effort for Kenosha and Minneapolis, where the real damage was done?

Biden assured the American people that it was “unlikely” that the Taliban would take over the entire country of Afghanistan. It took only 11 days for that to happen.

Biden committed to work on methane gas emissions at the climate-change conference. This is symbolic of what he has produced as president.

I could go on, but I’ve reached the word limit.

Dick Pigeon

De Pere, Wisconsin