• Applicants Sought for Alice in Dairyland

    The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is accepting applications for the 69th Alice in Dairyland, Wisconsin’s official agriculture ambassador. Application materials are due Monday, Feb. 8. “This position has provided me with unique professional development opportunities unlike any job I’ve had before,” said Teyanna Loether, the 68th Alice in Dairyland. “Each day […]

  • Schoolhouse Cheese Shop Continues Perfect Pairings

    Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese in Egg Harbor has been hosting a series of cheese pairing events in a series titled “Perfect Pairings.”

  • Ridges Art Night Features Dyes from Nature

    In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Shannon Pump can be found in the woods and fields of Door County, foraging for mushrooms, sumac, pine greens and wild berries. It wouldn’t be an uncommon sight for anyone familiar with Pump and her mushroom business, Wild Door, except that instead of selling these items to local […]

  • Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese Named One of the Best Places to Eat Local Cheese

    TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine, one of the most trusted names in travel, has chosen Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese in Egg Harbor as one of the top 10 places to eat local cheese. Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese prides itself in offering the finest Wisconsin Artisan Cheese. The European-style cheese shop has been in operation for more than five […]

  • Free Cheese Pairing Events at Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese

    This fall Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese will host four free pairing events in a series titled Perfect Pairings. These events will be held from 4 to 7 pm on the first and third Fridays of November and December. Perfect Pairings will feature local beer and cider, fine wine, and, of course, Wisconsin’s best artisan cheeses. The […]

  • Rib Fest, Sled Dogs, Packer Parties & More Weekend Plans

    October is gone and with it, the Door Peninsula settles into its late fall slumber. Enjoy the start of the quiet season with plenty of delicious foodie opportunities, gallery receptions, bluegrass and country music, and the ever-so-cuddly Door County Sled Dogs. Friday, November 6 A Weekend of Fantastic Fare Whether you’re in the mood for […]

  • Free Cheese Pairing Events at Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese

    Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese will host four free pairing events in a series called “Perfect Pairings” this fall. The events will be held from 4 to 7 pm on the first and third Fridays of November and December. Perfect Pairings will feature local beer and cider, fine wine, and of course, Wisconsin’s best artisan cheeses. Guests will […]

  • cheese sarah feldner

    The Cheese Insider: Fun Dairy Facts

    by Michael Thomas We all know that Wisconsin is the king of cheesemaking in North America. Our dairy dominance and the economic impact of this industry in our state are hard for anyone to dispute. Although the total number of dairy farms in Wisconsin continues to shrink, the total number of cows and the milk […]

  • Jim Pionkoski Wisconsin cheese masters

    Celebrating Stinky Cheese: Wisconsin Cheese Masters Holds Inaugural Stinkfest

    Stinkfest is the name Jim Pionkoski of Wisconsin Cheese Masters in Egg Harbor is calling a special cheese tasting he will host on Saturday. This will be the first time in five years of business that he will provide samples to customers of Limburger and its cousin, aged brick, but it will be outdoors instead […]

  • Grasse Acres goats

    From a Hobby to a Lifestyle: Grasse Acres Goat Farm

      Before they retired from teaching, Lynne and Don Grasse made journeys from their winter home in Rhinelander each summer to their 15-acre hobby farm north of Ellison Bay, driving a pickup truck that carried crates of poultry and dogs and cats, and pulled a trailer hauling their herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. When they […]

  • Everything’s Better with Cheese

    Who doesn’t love cheese? In my opinion, we Wisconsinites have a lot to be proud of. The variety of amazing artisan cheeses made in our backyard has got to be at the top of any amateur chef’s culinary list of awesomeness. Don’t take our access to amazing cheese for granted. We really have something here […]

  • Jim Lundstrom, WI Cheese Masters

    An Advocate for Artisan Cheese

    A fortuitous family drive opened up the world of artisan cheese to Jim Pionkoski. “We were past Dodgeville on our way to Spring Green,” Pionkoski said. “We passed a cheese factory and I had never been in one. It was an old one, a house somebody had converted into a cheese factory.” They stopped, thinking […]

  • Len Villano, cheese

    The Art of Serving Cheese

    Cheeses can be served in a variety of ways, times, and for different occasions. I will never forget the time my father, brother and I were visiting relatives in Scotland in the late ’70s. My cousin Robin and his wife Winnabelle had us over for dinner one evening, and after we finished a satisfying four-course […]

  • The Process

    Chris Renard graciously took us through the daily cheesemaking process that takes place at the Renard’s Cheese plant on County S. Chris and his wife Ann own and run the store on Highway 57, while his uncle Brian Renard lives above the County S plant and owns and runs the store next to the plant. […]

  • Len Villano, Jesse Johnson, goats

    New Kid on the Block: Door County Creamery

    T hree generations of goats greet Jesse Johnson with bawling entreaties for brunch as he arrives at the barn for the first of two daily feedings. “It’s second-cutting hay, which is usually the best cut of hay. It has alfalfa in it,” Johnson said as he spread two bales of the still-green hay in the […]

  • Len Villano, Gray family

    Fresh and Local at the Gray-Aire Dairy Farm

    Growing up on a farm is definitely not what it seems. It certainly has its perks, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. My name is Madalyn Gray, more commonly known as Maddy. It amazes me how much I have gained from growing up in this […]

  • Cheese by the Numbers

    3,000 Pounds of breaded cheese curds Renard’s sold every week in summer 2013 40 Percent of Renard’s cheese product sold as curds 90 Percent of Wisconsin’s milk that is made into cheese 33 Pounds of cheese the average American eats in a year 2.8 Billion pounds of cheese Wisconsin cheesemakers make every year 72 Pounds […]

  • Len Villano, Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese

    The Culture of Cheese: The Roots of Cheesemaking in the Door

    Wisconsin’s cheese culture runs as far back as the recipes used to turn fresh milk into wheels of soft chèvre or bricks of sharp cheddar. It is the industry that kept our grandfathers employed, it’s the food on our tables and it’s our heritage. Dairy farming first came to the state in the mid-1800s, and […]

  • Katie Sikora, cheese curds

    Cheese Curds: A Wisconsin Delicacy

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have eaten a fair amount of fried cheese in my 27 years. Working in restaurants in Door County over the course of many summers, I have also served a large number of cheese curds to folks visiting our beloved peninsula. So I have heard tourists ask the million-dollar question […]