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  • Door County Brewery Hosts Thursday Farmers’ Market

    The Door County Brewery is in its third season of hosting a pop-up farmers’ market each Thursday, 11 am – 1 pm, through September. Vendors who sell produce, honey products, eggs, berries, juice, fruit and more include Cold Climate Farms, Robertson Orchard, Big Dog Family Farm, Sap Happy Maple Products, Periwinkle Moon Farm and Donna […]

  • Cultured DC Creates Sourdough, Other Fermented Foods

    There’s a new sourdough culture in the county, and we have the COVID-19 pandemic to thank because it allowed baker Mattea Fischer to devote herself to building her new business.  “I found myself without a full-time job, and I’m very privileged to have benefited in some small way as I was forced to create a […]

  • Rowleys Bay Resort’s Fish Boils Are on Pause

    Grandma’s Swedish Bakery’s Pecan Rolls Are Not After a trial run opening during the July Fourth weekend, owner Jewel Ouradnik announced on Instagram that the restaurant and fish boils at Rowleys Bay Restaurant and Resort are going to be closed for the time being.  “With the business model we have and our lack of staff, […]

  • Kick Ash Coffee Celebrates One Year

    On July 2, Kick Ash celebrated its one-year anniversary in its new space at the corner of Highway 42 and Mink River Road in Ellison Bay. Kick Ash produces artisan granola, freshly roasted coffee and gluten-free bakery items, and it sells fun and creative gifts. The current location offers comfortable seating inside in the renovated […]

  • Bits & Bites: Door County Creamery Focuses on Online Connection

    The Sister Bay cheesemaker and restaurant Door County Creamery, 10653 N. Bay Shore Dr., has opened its season with a new, online, user-friendly ordering system. Customers are encouraged to place orders at, where they’ll find the full menu, a selection of fresh chèvres and hard cheeses, wine, handcrafted soap and other creamery products.  Orders […]

  • Layers of Love: Classic lasagna

    Lasagna is layers and layers of cheesy, saucy, meaty, gooey deliciousness: a decadent meal that will leave you satisfied. It takes a bit of time to pull together, but it’s a worthwhile labor of love. Because it’s a one-pan dish, it’s easy to make ahead and freeze, easy to transport and easy to love as […]

  • To Improve Nutrition and Taste, Cook with Organic Herbs and Spices

    You probably already know about the health benefits of eating organic food, but what about the herbs and spices you use in your cooking? Many people overlook this area of their pantry, but the quality of the herbs and spices you use is just as important as the quality of the other food you eat. […]

  • Find Foodie Fun during Fish Creek’s Winterfest Weekend

    The annual Winterfest gathering is drawing near! Now in its 33rd year, Fish Creek’s longest-standing tradition – and Door County’s most quirky winter event – features live music, goofy games, the entertaining stumpf-fiddle contest, a spectacular fireworks display and some delicious foodie attractions, including the Smokin’ Hot Chili Cook-off and the All Things Chocolate fundraiser. And outside […]

  • Crate: Door County’s Sushi Hot Spot

    In the heart of Sturgeon Bay, on 3rd Avenue, you’ll find Crate: the area’s best sushi restaurant. The American-Asian restaurant opened five years ago this month, filling the vacant niche of a sushi-oriented establishment. And during the years since opening, it has become well known for its wide variety of sushi options, excellent fresh seafood, […]

  • Chef Mitzi Tompkins’ Feel-Good Food at Trixie’s

    As seasons change, so do menus, and Trixie’s new winter menu highlights the spice-infused, Asian-influenced approach of their head chef, Mitzi Tompkins. It’s an exciting moment for Tompkins, who will be celebrating two years with Trixie’s, having gone from sous chef to head chef, a role she stepped into this past summer.  The menu, which […]

  • On Your Plate: No-Goat Street Tacos

    My definition of a street taco is something packed with bold flavors, procured from a food truck or street vendor, and easy to eat while walking or sitting on a park bench. Street tacos originated in Mexico and are typically smaller than an American-style taco, which usually comprises a hard shell, ground beef, shredded cheese […]

  • In Your Glass: Bippity, Boppity, Booze!

    If you’re someone who subscribes to the notion of “coffee in the a.m., cocktails in the p.m.,” then we have the p.m. part to match your seasonal a.m. PSL (aka the pumpkin spice latte): the face of fall beverages.  This cocktail incorporates the big, orange fruit through homemade or store-bought pumpkin puree, and it adds […]

  • Five Superfoods to Sustain You This Winter

    Are you already stuck in the gloom and doom of winter? Fantasizing about sunshine and 70-degree days? We all have a tendency to get a little down when the cold and snow start rolling in, but sometimes the best way to beat winter is to embrace it. And because there’s no better way to embrace […]

  • Kick Ash Gluten Free

    Gluten-Free Holiday Cookie Recipes

    Now that it’s December and Thanksgiving has come and gone, those who celebrate Christmas can officially start preparing. That may include planning to welcome family members and other guests who live a gluten-free lifestyle with delicious recipes that will satisfy and please everyone.  Of course, the internet offers plenty of gluten-free recipes to try, but […]

  • The More, the Merrier: A Christmas Party Punch

    Experienced holiday hosts know better than to burden themselves with a feature cocktail that requires single-serve preparation because merry-making is much more enjoyable when guests’ drinks can be served on the go – but that doesn’t mean they have to be of the whiskey-and-Coke variety.  Here’s a flavorful batch cocktail that will pair well with […]

  • Get Real Cafe Reaches 5-Year Milestone

    In September, Get Real Cafe marked the five-year anniversary of its opening on Sturgeon Bay’s west side. For owner and operator Veronica Ripp, the cafe has been a childhood dream come true. After growing up in the Sturgeon Bay supper-club atmosphere, her career has come full circle, and she has more in store for her […]

  • Autumn’s Other Favorite Flavor: Apple

    Fall is often associated with those spicy, earthy notes of cinnamon and clove, and with things that are baked, breaded and soul-warming. Well, there are two sides to every leaf, and I’ll argue that the crisp tartness of apples and the resulting cider are also worth celebrating. This weekend – if you aren’t going full […]

  • Veteran Carl Releases Second Cookbook

    Carl dedicated his first cookbook to the nonprofit SALUTE, which helps veterans and their families, and now he’s created a second cookbook called Carl’s Cookbook II: Tasty Start and Sweet Finish. It offers more than 100 appetizer and dessert recipes, with some submitted by special guests, including Chicago Cubs announcer Pat Hughes; the “Barefoot Contessa,” […]

  • Cook Mexican Comfort Foods with Savory Spoon

    Savory Spoon Cooking School in Ellison Bay is offering a class on authentic Mexican comfort foods and a culinary trip to Mexico! Gail Rueckl, who has traveled to Mexico to sharpen her skills, will lead the Oct. 11 cooking class. Its menu includes jicama, cucumber and carrot salad; cream of squash flower soup; stuffed zucchini; […]

  • NutMeg Spice Delights with From-Scratch Bakery and More

    Cookies, croissants, cake pops and pies – oh, my! NutMeg Spice Bakery and Cafe in downtown Sturgeon Bay is a haven for homemade bakery goodies that rely on old-fashioned recipes and from-scratch preparation. The enterprise is the creation of owner and baker Megan Jutrzonka, who has come to call Sturgeon Bay home since the business […]