• A Little Pumpkin for Your Pancake

    At Halloween, carved pumpkins line sidewalks and porches, but pumpkins are for more than just carving. Pumpkin’s best-known baking use is pie, but fresh pureed pumpkin is versatile and can be cooked in a variety of other ways, including pancakes. How to get started: Pick your pumpkin. Typically, baking or pie pumpkins are much smaller […]

  • Savory Spoon Releases Itinerary for France Culinary Trip

    Savory Spoon Cooking School is heading across the Atlantic in a trip to Gascony, France from May 14-20, 2018. Southwest France is a foodie’s paradise and the specialties of the region will speak to palates like no other. Duck confit, prunes, armagnac (brandy) and fois gras, are just a few of the regional specialties travelers […]

  • Shoreline Chef Mike Mead to Teach Class at Savory Spoon

    Mike Mead, executive chef at Shoreline Restaurant, will be the featured guest chef at Savory Spoon Cooking School on Sept. 28 at 6 pm. Mead, chef/owner of the Shoreline Restaurant for 21 years, has a passion for whitefish and mussels and his favorites will be featured in this class. The menu includes whitefish dip on […]

  • frozen veggies

    Preserving Seasonal Delights

    I come from generations of farmers. My uncle Dale Haese still farms the land of our century farm purchased by my great-great-grandparents in 1891. I have wonderful memories of summers spent with my great–grandma, great–aunt and grandma harvesting from the garden and then preserving in the kitchen. I’m like my grandma in the kitchen – […]

  • On Your Plate: Eating in Season All Year

    There’s nothing like the taste of fresh-picked produce in the darkest, coldest months of winter. You’re probably reading this and thinking, Of course! Who doesn’t love fresh-picked produce, but who has time for preserving in the peak of busy days? I used to think the same but found that starting small and building on your […]

  • On Your Plate: Can’t Beat Beets

    “Do you like beets?” This question generally gets a reaction, whether it’s people turning up their noses and scrunching up their faces in disgust, or smiling and salivating with glee. There is a true divide in taste buds in regard to this root. I have found no middle ground. You like them or you don’t […]

  • Finally! Perfection With A Home Burger

    Making hamburgers at home has always gotten the better of me. I almost always prefer a “store-bought” burger. I have tried many techniques over the years, but I have never had one that caused me to exclaim, “This is a great burger,” as I have done more than once at places such as the Anchor […]

  • Jeni-Tveten-Beas-JDBweb

    Door County’s Iconic Dessert: Cherry Pie

    It’s cherry harvest season in Door County, which means it’s cherry pie time for thousands of visitors. For Jeni Tveten (pronounced “Tweeten”), general manager at Bea’s Ho-Made Products in Gills Rock, cherry pie never ends. Tveten has been making pies for 15 years at Bea’s, and with her staff short at least two people this […]

  • On Your Plate: Spicy Summer Salsas

    Salsa simply translates to “sauce” in English. The sauces we Americans categorize as salsa are typically tomato-based concoctions spiced with a mixture of garlic, onions, chiles, cilantro and salt. Some versions have more ingredients. Mostly they are spicy and eaten with chips. Salsa has become an industry. Tasty, spicy varieties line the grocery shelves. You […]

  • In Your Glass: Cherry, Cherry Sangria!

    My goal was to create a Sangria with as many local products as possible, a Door County Sangria, if you will. How about cherry Sangria? Never heard of it, but why not? The idea came to me after I had already come up with several other more traditional Sangria recipes. I was in Main Street […]

  • On Your Plate: Pizza From Scratch

    Pizza as we know it has been an ever-evolving consumable since the beginning of time, starting off as flatbread in the north Mediterranean region, including modern-day Greece, Italy and Southern France. Pizza started by incorporating simple ingredients such as garlic, onion and herbs and eventually included a tomato base sauce and cheese. It has gone […]

  • Fungi Fans Consider Mushroom Growing as Hobby at The Ridges

    There’s nothing as lovely as a tree stump to mushroom hunters. At this time of year, they’ll tramp to secret spots in the woods and tolerate mosquitoes, mud, thorns and perhaps poison ivy in search of oyster mushrooms on stumps or treasured morels near dead elms and in leaf litter in the woods. But a […]

  • Bring On the Bubbles: Champagne Drinks

    Ah, May. Just the word suggests sweet breezes, peonies in the garden and bare feet. Birds proliferate. Boats hit the waters. Kids spring from schoolhouse doors, liberated at last. What better way to celebrate spring than toasting it with a glass of something bubbly? Beer is good, but champagne is better. If nothing else, drink […]

  • On Your Plate: Cooking For A Crowd? Pulled Pork Sammies

      It’s the time of year people come together to celebrate — the weather is warming up and new life is emerging from the soil. Open your windows; you can smell sweet spring flowers on the breeze. Twilight stretches well into the evening. The chorus of spring peepers sings loudly, yelling into the stillness of […]

  • On Your Plate: Go on the Hunt for Asparagus

    I am a lifelong asparagus hunter. I started when I was still riding on my mom’s or dad’s back. Every spring of my childhood, we would head out to our asparagus haunt and come home year after year with paper bags filled to the brim. I took a break from picking during my rebellious teenage […]

  • Savory Spoon Cooking School Hosts Culinary Trip to Basquelandia Region

    Join Janice Thomas of Savory Spoon Cooking School on a culinary trip to the Basquelandia Region of Spain and France. She is taking a group to Basque country from May 24 – 31, 2017. Basque cooking enjoys a reputation for being one of the best cuisines in the world. Indulge in Basque charcuterie, farmstead sheep’s […]

  • Savory Spoon Cooking School to Take Culinary Trip to Gascony

    2017 marks the third year Janice Thomas of Savory Spoon Cooking School will take a group on a culinary and cultural trip to Gascony. The trip is scheduled for May 7-13, 2017. Southwest France is a foodie’s paradise and the specialties of the region will speak to your palate like no other. Duck confit, prunes, […]

  • Winter Carboration! Grandma Style Mac & Cheese

    You will not find this recipe in any weight loss or healthy living diet plan. Proceed at your own risk. Winter is right around the corner. I love it! The darkened months here in Wisconsin are the time of year it is okay to go to bed at 8:00 pm (it has already been dark […]

  • Fish on the Brain: Whitefish Chowder

    Living in a community surrounded by water, you know there is fishing on the brain. People are diehards, they live to fish…or is it fish to live? Depending on the winter weather the Door is dealt, we are blessed with the phenomenon of overnight pop-up shantytowns dotting the coastline, here one day and gone the […]

  • Call Greens N Grains Now for Free-Range Thanksgiving Turkeys

    Greens N Grains urges customers to place their orders now for Mary’s Free-Range Turkeys; there is limited availability. Mary’s Turkeys are raised in California. In order to insure great prices, Greens N Grains had to estimate and pre-order turkeys in August. So, quantities are limited to what we requested in advance. When these turkeys are […]