• The Spring Sip: Mint Julep

    A sure sign of spring is the blossoming of mint juleps on bar menus. As the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep surges in popularity the first weekend in May, just as spring begins to show signs of summer weather to come. This iconic Southern cocktail, which first appeared during the 18th […]

  • Lasagna, Jim Lundstrom, Door County, recipe, zoodle, zucchini noodle

    Enjoying Lasagna Without the Carbs

    After dropping carbohydrates from my diet (except for beer, which I have to drink for work), I also dropped a bunch of weight, going from a size 36 trouser waist to a 30. I occasionally miss the idea of a deep-dish pizza or a sub sandwich or even a slice of buttered toast with morning […]

  • Pot Pie

    These delectable, savory pies are the epitome of cold-weather deliciousness. When the chill of winter settles in, I like to crank up the oven and get down to business. The finished product will warm your tummy — and quite literally your kitchen — in the making. Pot pies have been traced back to ancient Greece, […]

  • Hatch Harbor Elixirs: A Winning Winter Cocktail Combo

    Recently I witnessed a bartender “dry shake” ingredients in order to create a beautiful, creamy-looking cocktail with a frothy head. Ever since, I’ve been itching to try the technique myself. “Dry shaking” involves vigorously shaking an egg white with chosen cocktail ingredients in a cocktail shaker sans ice, preferably at room temperature. This ensures the […]

  • RECIPE: BLT with Herbed Mayo

    Herbs are a garden must. They are fragrant, savory, beautiful and tasty.  In some cases they have medicinal and spiritual qualities. They have been incorporated into spiritual rituals and medicinal practice around the globe for thousands of years. Herbs differ from vegetables because they add flavor, not sustenance to your diet. Some herbs take on […]

  • Southern Door’s Dessert: The Belgian Pie

    Southern Door County is steeped in Belgian heritage. The home of the largest North American Belgian settlement keeps many traditions of the homeland alive, particularly in the kitchen, and none is more famous than the Belgian pie. The Belgian pie is a sweet, raised dough pastry that is usually filled with fruit and topped with […]

  • The Malmö Mule: Stabbur’s Swedish twist on the refreshing summer cocktail

    As the days get warmer, the cocktails get colder, and there is no better way to keep cool than with a Moscow Mule. The zesty, lime-and-ginger libation is a popular choice of bar-goers year round, but the height of popularity is when summer hits its stride. According to cocktail legend, the first Moscow Mule was […]

  • Cherries Three Ways

    The arrival of cherry season brings to mind visions of cherry pies, cherry turnovers, cherry on cheesecake and bowls of sugared fresh cherries. Yet, the use of cherries goes far beyond desserts and baked goods. Here are three fresh ways to try cherries this week.   Sweet Instead of a warm piece of pie, cool […]

  • Lake Michigan Cookbook Signing

    The pride of the Upper Midwest shines through in The Lake Michigan Cottage Cookbook, a collection of recipes from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana from Amelia Levin. Home cooks head to Door County, nicknamed “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” for recipes that herald the region’s Scandinavian roots. Sheboygan’s traditional German fare shines through in dishes […]

  • VIDEO: Door County’s Unique Food Finds

    Door County is home to a wide array of unique food finds inspired by the region, local agriculture, and the ancestral heritage of its settlers. German, Belgian, Scandinavian, and Mexican influences can be found on menus up and down the peninsula. Watch the video below for a look at some of the area’s most unique […]

  • On Your Plate: Pretzel Pockets

    A broad charge was given to me for a recipe in the spring magazine — something with beer. My first thought was an Irish stew with Guinness. Ah, too easy. Who can’t make a delicious stew? That’s when the food gods dropped man buns in my lap, so to speak. Yes, I know that is […]

  • On Your Plate: Spring into Slaw

    Cabbage is king when it comes to slaw. Traditionally, the base ingredient in coleslaw is cabbage and will always be cabbage. When eaten raw it takes on the flavors of the things it is melded with, and cabbage is packed full of vitamins and minerals, all the stuff that’s good for you! Cabbage is a […]

  • Rustic Bread on the Rise

    Tucked discreetly on a back road in a beautiful country landscape in southern Door County is a studio. This particular studio belongs to metal artist Robert Anderson, humble and bubbling with many talents. Rob is a man who works with his hands, a man who carries passion into his work. Absorbed in process, breathing the […]

  • In Your Glass: Ginger, the Spice of Winter

    In the wintertime spice cabinet, ginger reigns supreme. Whether it’s the fresh rhizome that lends a sharp, spicy touch to soups, stir fry and teas, or the subtle, ground version that gives a warm, spicy bite to gingersnap cookies and pumpkin pies, winter is the time for this knobby root to shine. Ginger does more […]

  • Italian, Seafood On the Menu at Savory Spoon Oct. 13-14

    Coming to Fall Fest in Sister Bay? Join Savory Spoon Cooking School on Friday or Saturday night as the school celebrates a great 2017 season. On Oct. 13 at 6 pm, “Foods of Emilia-Romagna” will have participants cooking the robust, distinctive and superior food of this Italian region. The menu includes Wild Porcini Mushroom Tart; […]

  • A Little Pumpkin for Your Pancake

    At Halloween, carved pumpkins line sidewalks and porches, but pumpkins are for more than just carving. Pumpkin’s best-known baking use is pie, but fresh pureed pumpkin is versatile and can be cooked in a variety of other ways, including pancakes. How to get started: Pick your pumpkin. Typically, baking or pie pumpkins are much smaller […]

  • Savory Spoon Releases Itinerary for France Culinary Trip

    Savory Spoon Cooking School is heading across the Atlantic in a trip to Gascony, France from May 14-20, 2018. Southwest France is a foodie’s paradise and the specialties of the region will speak to palates like no other. Duck confit, prunes, armagnac (brandy) and fois gras, are just a few of the regional specialties travelers […]

  • Shoreline Chef Mike Mead to Teach Class at Savory Spoon

    Mike Mead, executive chef at Shoreline Restaurant, will be the featured guest chef at Savory Spoon Cooking School on Sept. 28 at 6 pm. Mead, chef/owner of the Shoreline Restaurant for 21 years, has a passion for whitefish and mussels and his favorites will be featured in this class. The menu includes whitefish dip on […]

  • frozen veggies

    Preserving Seasonal Delights

    I come from generations of farmers. My uncle Dale Haese still farms the land of our century farm purchased by my great-great-grandparents in 1891. I have wonderful memories of summers spent with my great–grandma, great–aunt and grandma harvesting from the garden and then preserving in the kitchen. I’m like my grandma in the kitchen – […]

  • On Your Plate: Eating in Season All Year

    There’s nothing like the taste of fresh-picked produce in the darkest, coldest months of winter. You’re probably reading this and thinking, Of course! Who doesn’t love fresh-picked produce, but who has time for preserving in the peak of busy days? I used to think the same but found that starting small and building on your […]