Forestville Millpond Drawdown Presentation March 12

Door County Conservationist Erin Hanson will give a presentation on the proposed Forestville Millpond drawdown to the Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation Committee at its March 12 meeting. At its February meeting, the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution encouraging “those individuals and entities charged with drawing down the Forestville Millpond to take every appropriate action to ensure the Forestville Millpond drawdown adheres to all federal, state and local requirements to protect the environment, natural resources and public health.” The proposal calls for a gradual drawdown to begin this fall and last for two years before it’s refilled, the idea being that the deep sediment on the bottom will have dried and compacted naturally during the drawdown. The meeting in Luxemburg begins at 8:15 am.