Forestville Village Budget Heading for Hearing

The Forestville Village Board spent much of its October meeting reviewing the proposed 2023 budget, which calls for $165,310.87 in income and expenditures – a nearly $7,000 decrease from the amounts budgeted for 2022.

That budget will now be considered for final approval during the village board’s Nov. 21 meeting, when a public hearing will be held, according to village president Terry McNulty.

The 2023 village budget worksheet prepared by Forestville treasurer Donna Henderson shows that the village’s proposed combined tax levy of $36,780 includes the sanitary district ($9,096.52), local property taxes (12,350.02) and Southern Door Fire Department ($15,046.46) with an overall decrease of $287.

The levy for the sanitary district amount would remain the same, while the amount for local property taxes would decrease by nearly $1,000 and the levy going to the fire department would rise by nearly $700.

The village has also budgeted $1,168.53 in dues for the fire department in 2023, an increase of about $100, for total public-safety (fire) expenditures of $16,214.99.

The Village of Forestville and the towns of Forestville, Clay Banks and Nasewaupee, which make up the fire department, pay a tax levy based on equalized value, and all four also contribute dues.

The village received more than $21,000 in 2022 in American Rescue Plan Act funds, which will not be part of the 2023 budget and accounts for the largest year-to-year income decrease.

Forestville is budgeting about $3,000 more income and expenditures for garbage and recycling ($44,112).

More than a third of the village’s revenue for 2023 is expected to come from shared revenue ($61,416), similar to the amount for the current year.

The village is receiving more than it budgeted this year for miscellaneous revenues, which are expected to be $10,750 in 2023.

On the expense side, the village is budgeting $8,000 less in 2023 for general government ($24,000), with this year’s anticipated amount expected to be $25,000 instead of $32,000.

The proposed budget also calls for cutting the village park allocation from $26,000 to $13,000.

The largest proposed expenditure increase of nearly $10,000 for next year is in public works ($38,000).

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