Forestville Will Issue Tickets for Dogs at Large

In response to complaints about unleashed dogs running at large, the Forestville Village Board agreed Monday to order a citation book to start issuing tickets.

In addition, village treasurer Donna Henderson said information about the regulations for having dogs in Forestville will be included in the sewer bills sent out in July. She said dog owners in Forestville can be fined $25 for having an unleashed dog running through the village or not having their dog licensed.

Trustee Jessica Koskubar said she has received complaints about dogs running around the village unleashed. Because Forestville does not have a constable to be able to handle them, nothing has been done about the situation.

“It doesn’t pay to call the [Door County] sheriff’s department because they’ll tell you to call the constable [which the village doesn’t have], and I’m told we’re not spending the money to [enforce violations of the village code involving dogs],” she said. “That’s a problem. Why do you have all these rules and ordinances if you’re not going to follow through with what’s going on?”

Board members agreed to have current village officials issue the citations.

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