Fourth Annual Cheese Masters Stinkfest Sept. 22

Wisconsin Cheese Masters presents the Fourth Annual Stinkfest Sept. 22, 2-4 pm. This outdoor event features free samples of the very aromatic Wisconsin Limburger and Wisconsin Aged Brick.

Chef Jess of Egg Harbor will make grilled Limburger and Aged Wisconsin Brick sandwiches on Rye with onions as is tradition. New this year are souvenir hats available for purchase.

“Our Limburger is produced by the only Limburger maker in the U.S. In 1900, there were 600 Limburger factories in Wisconsin alone,” said Jim Pionkoski, Wisconsin Cheese Masters owner.

Aged Brick, known as “The Married Man’s Limburger,” is one of only two types of cheeses invented in the New World, both were developed in Wisconsin. Brick cheese is so named because of the tradition of weighing down the loaves of cheese with bricks.

Pionkoski said, “We cannot open and sample our Limburger and Aged Brick in our store because of their incredibly strong, some might say unpleasant, odor. So Stinkfest is the only chance for fans of these cheeses, or for the simply curious, to taste ‘The Stinkies.’”

Wisconsin Cheese Masters, located at 4692 Rainbow Ridge Ct in Egg Harbor, features all-Wisconsin artisanal, farmstead and master made cheeses.

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