Fractal Photography, A Unique Art Form

“Oak Savannah” by Gale Ritchey.

The fractal photography works of Gale Ritchey, higher psychic healer artist, will be in a solo exhibit at Mr. Helsinki in Fish Creek. The exhibit runs from Aug. 1 – Sept. 30. Ritchey shares about this latest body of work, titled Altered States of Perception, “Perfecting these high frequencies and synchronicity of vibrations has been amazing.” The exhibit will extend to include additional pieces exhibited at J. Jeffrey Taylor.

Ritchey’s unique art form has stood the test of time, since she created her first fractal abstraction at age 12. Creating fractals as abstract paintings has been an integral part of her life work, and photographing the subtleness of nature has been her personal interest. The exhibit is a variety of large formats, and series pieces that hold a mesmerizing infused qi within the affect of color, form and texture. For more information, contact Ritchey at her White Rose Healing Arts Studio in Fish Creek at 920.421.2344 or visit