Kris Slattery and her father Bill Hahn stopped by one of their favorite lookout points – Ellison Bluff County Park – for this classic Door County snapshot.

This was taken circa huge, tinted glasses and tapered jeans (not to be confused with the skinny jeans Slattery’s daughter – Arts & Entertainment Editor Sally Slattery – sports today). Hahn appears unimpressed with the scenery, but we’re sure he’s just trying to keep his cool.

“This picture was taken on the overlook where Mom and Dad carved their initials in a heart,” says Slattery. “It was on there for a long time. It is a favorite picture of mine!”

In an effort to celebrate the county, the fashions, and the awkwardness that ran rampant before the days of digital – we hope to feature your vintage Door County vacations photos. Let’s see you enjoying the county in your Air Jordans, neon-colored fanny packs, teased hair, and shoulder pads. Embrace the awkwardness!

Submit scanned photos via email to [email protected] or send your photos via snail mail to P.O. Box 694, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202. Include your return address and we’ll send them back!