When Baileys Harbor resident and owner of Kangaroo Lake Resort Pat Horvath returned home from a winter vacation she found quite the surprise – a large goose nailed to a tree in her yard.

“I have a bit of a reputation for disliking the geese from Kangaroo Lake who like to come up on our yard in the middle of the night or when we are cleaning cottages,” explains Horvath, adding, “This particular goose has writing across the top of her head: ‘Hi Pat Horvath, You Silly Goose. 4-1-14.’ I would love to know who did this, and even if I can’t find out, I’d love to have him or her know how funny I think it is, and that he or she definitely got me!”

Any idea who it might be? “I love to play jokes so the possibilities of culprits are endless,” says Horvath. “But, I’d still like to know. And, who even has something like this laying around, anyway?”