Free Continental Breakfast at Ephraim Moravian Church, Oct. 7

The Ephraim Moravian Church will host a free continental breakfast on Oct. 7, from 8 to 10:30 am. The breakfast is free to all and will include Moravian sugar cake and other bakery, fresh fruit, juices and coffee. Tours of the church will also be conducted. There will be a free-will offering for the Moravian churches on the Caribbean islands of St. Thomas and St. John. The devastation that hit that area from both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria took many of the parishioners’ homes as well as stripping the roofs off both the St. John Emmaus Moravian Church and parsonage.

The New Herrnhut Church on St. Thomas was established as the first mission to the Americas from the Moravians in Europe in 1739. The parsonage on St. John was constructed in 1750, the church in 1782. The men and women of the New Herrnhut Church choir visited Ephraim Moravian in 2014 to sing for the Anderson Docks-ology Sunset Service and to perform a fundraising concert for the Spirit of Peace Church in Milwaukee.


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