Free Henna Tattoos at Yardstick

Artist Eva Armbruster will be at Yardstick Books, 317 Steele St. in Algoma, to offer free henna tattoos during Algoma’s First Friday Art Night on Dec. 2, 5-8 pm. 

Henna is a plant-based dye that safely stains the skin for one to two weeks. Participants can choose from designs that range from Indian wedding traditions to book and holiday themes.

Armbruster has been an artist since she was very young. As a Gibraltar High School student, she interned in costume design at Peninsula Players Theatre, and under the guidance of Castle Art and Import in Fish Creek, she has cultivated her henna skills. Armbruster recently attended Polar Sling, a henna conference in Minneapolis. You can find her at Castle Arts during the summer creating custom henna designs.

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