Free Hike of Ida Bay Preserve on March 19

“A Walk in the Woods” is the theme for a nature hike at Crossroads at Big Creek on March 19 at 10 am at Ida Bay Preserve. Lower your stress with a walk through the woods at the Ida Bay Preserve. Meet at the parking lot at Canal and Buffalo Ridge Trail. During construction, vehicles can cross the highway on Utah Street. Form the north, one can reach the Ida Bay Preserve by taking Mathey Road and turning onto Buffalo Ridge Trail. The hike is free and open to the public.

A Walk in the Woods is also the title of a play, which will open at Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) on March 31. TAP will host an opening benefit for the play, with 20 percent of the ticket sales being donated to Crossroads.

During the construction of the Michigan Street Roundabout, reach the Collins Learning Center at Crossroads from the highway detour by taking County T. Turn right on Big Creek Road and right on Lily Bay Road and then follow Michigan to the Crossroads entrance.


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