Freedy Johnston Plays at Hitching Post

Known for his breakthrough hit, “Bad Reputation,” Freedy Johnston comes to Door County on July 30 to play a live concert in the cozy, log cabin confines of the Hitching Post.

Born in Kinsley, Kansas, Johnston has been a contributor to Steel Bridge Songfest, and these days he splits his time between New York City and Madison, where he plays at many of the local live music joints.

Mark McClellan, who co-owns the Hitching Post with Amy Luckett, said, “He played the song, ‘Leaving it All Behind,’ with Todd Carey and melaniejane for Steel Bridge Songfest in 2007. That’s when Todd Carey introduced him to me. He said ‘Freedy had a hand in much of the music that came out in the ‘70s and ‘80s. If you only knew…’ Todd said, ‘You’d be totally surprised.’”

This talented singer/songwriter has released eight albums of original music, the latest of which, Rain on the City, has won critical acclaim from the Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Pitchfork.

“The song ‘Bad Reputation,’ I’d heard on the radio,” McClellan said. “He’s got a good, soulful voice. I just wanted to do something different for live music this summer, and I thought it be cool to bring him up here. He’s looking forward to being back in Door County.”

Johnston’s new album is rife with subtleties that make it all seem effortless. The inventive, original metaphors in his lyrics artfully pull the audience into songs about love lost, hard times on the road, and the crisis of midlife.

For more information, visit or call the Hitching Post at 920.743.5735.