Friends of Peninsula State Park Fight Invasive Species

Members of the Friends of Peninsula State Park gathered this fall to continue their fight against the spread of Eurasian Honeysuckle.

Last year, Superintendent Tom Blackwood asked the Friends of Peninsula State Park to remove invasive Eurasian Honeysuckle along Shore Road back as far as the bike path beginning at the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and continuing around to Nicolet Bay. The friends completed half the project last year and came close to completing the work this year. This invasive plant inhibits development of native shrub and ground layer species; eventually it can replace entire native species by shading and depleting soil moisture and nutrients.

The Friends group’s Invasive Species Coordinator, Gary Kemp, holding the Friends at Work sign in the picture, schedules work days every fall when removal and treatment to prevent re-sprouting of this invasive shrub is most effective.

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