Funding for Our Lakeshore

The Friends of the Grand Traverse Islands recently partnered with the Door County Community Foundation to establish the Grand Traverse Islands Fund, which will allow the group to begin collecting tax-deductible donations for the purpose of advocating for the creation of the Grand Traverse Islands National Lakeshore.

“I can’t begin to say how excited – and grateful – we are,” said John Bacon, chair of the newly formed Friends of the Grand Traverse Islands (FOGTI) Leadership Team. “There is so much good that can come from a national lakeshore here. Even just talking about it will raise greater awareness and appreciation for the area – its ecology, geology, history, and recreational promise. The Door County Community Foundation is giving us the opportunity to see just how far we can go towards making the dream a reality.”

The group, whose efforts began late last year, has also received written support from the Door County Visitor Bureau, Delta County Chamber of Commerce, Town of Liberty Grove, US Lighthouse Society, Niagara Escarpment Resource Network, and Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership. For more information visit