Funny Pet Names

I’ll never forget the day when a coworker in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, told me that her dog’s name was Lisa. I lost it. I was unable to control my laughter for the next few minutes. Maybe even the next hour. I still laugh about it now, years later. 

There’s something about pets with human names that always seem to generate a chuckle. But funny pet names don’t end there. We asked you, our readers, for funny pet names and the stories behind them, and boy, did you respond! Here are some of our favorites:

Our daughter, Emma Pahl, loves to train her cats with treats, and they have tea parties. She has named them all – Snap, Rainbow and Wally – and they sit at the table with her. Once when they put their paws up on the table, she called them by name and said, “Get your paws off the table.” They immediately did. It was hilarious. — Connie Pahl

Meet residents of Egg Harbor: Nova Benelli Martell and Angus Scheckel. — Elizabeth Martell

Hamilton, also known as Hamm’s-beer-cat-looking-like-he’s-had-one-too-many. — Judy Peterson

Meet our pretty boy, Calcifer; and the majestic Orange. Also, this is our boy Lulu, and our girl Yuki. — Gina


We called him Mr. Farthington because he was so genteel and dignified. — Robin Hansen

Butters, also known as Mr. Butters, who was supposedly named by the Humane Society because of his color. We think he was named for the South Park character. — Kim Peterson Krueger

Kitty-Cow, 10 years young. — Amanda Tom

Stubby was born with only half a tail. — Kimberly Heider

Our cat herd: Boisenberry, Bilbo Bubbins and Louisiana Purchase! — Suzanne Metzel

Bilbo Bubbins
Louisiana Purchase

I like to call our orange cat Fuzzer Wuzzer, and our grey cat (RIP) was called Fat Cat due to her chunky stature. — Grace Johnson

Fuzzer Wuzzer
Fat Cat

Khaos. He was named after the Monster energy drink by the Humane Society. We never felt the need to change it. — Julie Ploor

Our dog named Bird. — Tori S. Martinez

Pig and Baby Waffles. — Meredith Coulson-Kanter

What the Duck went trick-or-treating last October. — Laura Arndt

Dangerous Olive. — Jamie Jeska

Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs at Newport State Park (named after Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS). — Ellen Trixie Ritz

Here’s my best boy, Hobbs. Yes, Hobbs with no “e.” I’m forever explaining to people that we didn’t name him after Calvin & Hobbes. We named him after David Hobbs, a former British racing driver who owns a Honda dealership in Glendale, Wisconsin. — Melissa Ripp Lozoff

Meet Okey and Dokey. — Savanna Townsend

This is Steve. He’s a teacup chihuahua/miniature Jack Russell mix who’s soon to be a 10-year-old. He’s super photogenic and loves to pose. — Eric Leyendecker

Tater. We got her when she was four weeks old, and our daughter said she looked like a fuzzy potato. — Aimee Frerk West

NOT PICTURED: This is our cat, Blackhead. She was named by our then-four-year-old grandson because of her brown ears and nose. We have several other cats, including Mr. Universe (a giant when he was little), Headdy (who liked to sit on my husband’s head when she was little), and our traveling cats, Magellan, Ferdinand and Marco. — Sue Anderson Crass

Our beagle Booker T. He’s the lead in the rock band The Howlers. The two ladies on the side are his backup singers, the Footnotes (Elsa and Addie). — Marlen Krause Zetley

The Howlers

The Screamer. He’s a grumpy old man of a cat and definitely lets you know when it’s time to get out of bed! — Julia Maskell

Pooper and her human, Reegan. Don’t worry – Pooper could breathe and wasn’t being tightly choked. — Nissa Anderson Norton

Murphy Applesauce is our yellow lab. Sometimes he’s known as El Murphino the Italian Mob Dog. — Tahna Evers

Our two brothers are five years old: Mushu (black) and D’Artagnan. — Jessica Steele-Haslep

MadDog the baby goat was born on the first day of 2020. — Jinx Etling

Lumpy. — Marlee Kathleen Sutrick

Shy-Annie. She was six months old when I got her and so shy. — Brenda Golembiewski Bayer