Game of Thrones: Door County Edition

We’re in the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and emotions are running high for fans. With only two episodes to go, we’re already having to contemplate post-GoT life, and sadly, it lacks Iron Thrones, dragons and medieval gallantry. Still, there are ways to inject a little R.R. Martin fantasy into our lives with sights and experiences found around the county. These Game of Thrones-esque experiences have less evil undertones, but they are fantastical nonetheless.

Burn the Winter Witch at Fyr Bal, Melisandre Style

Photo by Dan Eggert on behalf of the Ephraim Business Council.

The annual festival is held in Ephraim each June, when the newly crowned Fyr Bal chieftain lights the first bonfire.

Travel the Kingsroad to Make Your Claim to the Throne at King’s Landing

Ahnappe State Trail in Southern Door. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

Spanning 50 miles from north to south, the Ahnapee Trail is wide enough for horse-drawn wagons and travelers on foot or wheel.

Eat Your Fill with the Smallfolk at a Local Fish Boil

Door County Fish Boil at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

Hungry fishers save time and toil by sharing a large batch of native boiled whitefish and vegetables.

Ride a Noble Steed North to Winterfell

Enjoying a winter trail ride at Kurtz Corral. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

Don’t forget to take your warm layers to Kurtz Corral after a fresh snowfall.

Gain Clarity in the Godswood under the Heart Tree

Macbeth at Door Shakespeare. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

The tree commands your attention and guides your judgment at Door Shakespeare.

Head North of the Wall with a Pack of Direwolves

Sled dogs pulling a visitor along the snowy path. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

Door County Sled Dogs, a recreational dog-sledding team, includes Siberian and Alaskan huskies, a malamute/collie mix and a coon hound.

Escape King’s Landing through the Crypts of Rock Island

Historic boat house on Rock Island State Park. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

You can paddle through the large, arched boathouse openings at the Thordarson Boathouse on Rock Island.

Hold Royal Council at Viking Hall

Photo by Len Villano.

The Thordarson Boathouse’s great hall, known as Viking Hall, boasts king’s and queen’s chairs, a fireplace big enough to roast an ox, and a six-foot-wide chandelier adorned with buffalo horns.

Climb the Stairs at Mountain Tower to Gaze upon Westeros

Washington Island’s Mountain Park stairs. Courtesy of Door County Visitor Bureau.

You will climb 186 steps to reach the top of the lookout on Washington Island, where you can watch for dragons and approaching enemy fleets.

Watch Your Allies Set Sail for Blackwater Bay


Every once in a long summer, you might see some tall ships in the Sturgeon Bay Canal, traveling from the Tall Ships Festival in Green Bay.

BONUS: Become a blacksmith’s apprentice and learn the ways of shaping Valyrian steel swords

Richard Furrer at Door County Forgeworks in Sturgeon Bay is an expert blacksmith who also specializes in Ulfberht style swords, the name given to a group of uncommonly strong ninth century Viking blades. Watch a short video feature on Furrer here:

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